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If your car is still under warranty you don’t have to go to the dealer!

Thanks to changes in European Union (Block Exemption) legislation you can get maximum value-for-money servicing from Pepler Car Services, without fear of invalidating your warranty.

Using genuine parts, Pepler Car Services will service your vehicle to the manufacturer's service schedule and record this in your service booklet.

Interim service

  1.    All external lights checked

  2.    Anti-freeze checked  

  3.     Brakes - visual check and fluid checked

  4.     Tyre pressures checked and adjusted

  5.     Engine oil changed and filter replaced

  6.     Engine oil sump plug gasket replaced  

  7.     Cabin filter replaced

  8.     Vehicle body checked for damage

  9.     All vehicle fluid levels re-established   

  10.     Screen wash additive   

  11.     Wiper blades checked for condition

  12.     Road test after service

    Choose one of the following service programmes

       Lubrication service

        •    Oil and filter change and levels check

Full service 

  1.    All external lights checked

  2.     Brake fluid check

  3.     Anti-freeze checked

  4.     Full brake check (wheels removed)  

  5.     Tyre condition and pressures checked   

  6.     Engine oil changed and filter replaced

  7.     Engine oil sump plug gasket replaced

  8.     Vehicle body checked for damage   

  9.     All vehicle fluid levels re-established   

  10.     Spark plugs replaced (petrol cars)   

  11.     Air Filter replaced 

  12.     Fuel filter replaced

  13.     Cabin filter replaced

  14.     Screen wash additive

  15.     Wiper blades checked for condition

  16.     Road test after service

Only the highest quality parts and lubricants are used in our services.

Please contact us and we can advise you

on the right service for your car.

The Garage


Faringdon, Oxfordshire   


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