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Do you have a warning light on?

Is your car suffering poor performance?

Is it using too much fuel?

Pepler Car Services is fully equipped to diagnose the problem with your car.

With today’s technologically advanced vehicles, all engines are run by on board computers (ECU). When there is a fault with these systems the ECU will usually display a warning light on the dashboard. This generally has to be interrogated using suitable diagnostics equipment by downloading the fault codes that may be stored in your cars ECU. However, your ECU will not generally diagnose faulty or worn mechanical engine components; this will have to be carried out in addition to the information stored in the vehicles on board computer. 

Please note: On some cars, the ECU will introduce a loss of power or poor throttle response (called limp mode) to prevent the possibility of further engine damage & also to reduce harmful exhaust emissions.

Our diagnostic checks include

  1. Engine management systems

  2. Diesel management systems

  3. Immobiliser systems

  4. ABS and traction control systems

  5. Stability control systems

  6. Airbag and SRS systems

  7. Electronic parking brake

  8. Air conditioning systems

  9. Automatic transmission systems

  10. CAN bus systems

No matter what part of the vehicle you’re having problems with, we have the knowledge and expertise to thoroughly deal with it.

We take great care in finding the best diagnostic solution to your problem.This starts by looking at the stored fault codes; this directs us to a circuit or system. This might not just be a sensor but could be wiring, a connection or even a fault within the ECU itself. By taking the time to work through the problem in a systematic way, means saving money by not replacing unnecessary parts.

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